Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Politics: Sinking Feeling

G F Allen Republican 951,910 49.61%
J H Webb Jr Democratic 943,886 49.19%
G G Parker Independent Green 21,218 1.11%

At 9:45 p.m., with nearly 85% of the precincts in, I'm getting a sinking feeling.

What could those 21,218 people have been thinking?

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Jim Anderson said...

Doesn't matter. I was initially worried too, then cheered up just after midnight. Today, it's a fine Navy day here in C'ville. Oorah Webb!

Sen-elect Webb's signature is on my commission as a Naval Officer. I thought he was a kick-@## SecNav, and I think he'll make a fine, moderate Senator.

Considering the election results, I'm even starting to become hopeful that we're going to pull away from the authoritarian path we've been traveling the past five years.

Now if we could just get all the moderates from both sides of the aisle into one (new) party, and leave all those extremist fanatics behind.

Final thought: Does Rumsfeld's resignation make him one of those "Former Regime Dead-enders" we used to hear him speak of?