Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Whitewater: Future Raft Guide?

Here's Morgan's first official rafting photo. That's her in the back, executing what the guide told her would be her most important command of the day - "get down!" I had planned on being next to her in the raft but the guide wanted me in the bow. OK - that's my favorite spot anyway!

I'll do a more detailed post on our adventure once I get the other photos developed (life's gotten in the way), but I couldn't resist putting this one up now. The rapids aren't much in this shot but we'd just finished running through a nice wave train. Morgan's expression is one of excitement and not of terror - I promise!

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Gomomyourock said...

If you promise to stay ont eh road, I'll take the film in today. She does look like she was having a good time! I know she's itching to get back on the river.