Monday, January 15, 2007

Running Again

I got back on the running wagon this afternoon, and got a good 5 miles in. Lungs and legs were fine, but one of my knees is worrisome. Both knees have always been problematic for me, and I managed to aggravate my left one during my UPS adventure last month. Fairly sharp pain and instability for the first mile or so, but it gradually subsided to a dull throbbing. I'm hoping, perhaps unrealistically, that it will resolve on its own. Hey, it's happened before!

There are so many things that I enjoy about running. One of them is the cobweb-clearing effect. After I get a few miles in and settle into a routine, my focus sharpens and my mind's creative juices start flowing. I have internal conversations with myself, analyze nagging problems and identify solutions, even work out blog posts. Unfortunately, after the run is finished and the high wears off, the effect is similar to waking up after a vivid dream - the details start to fade. So it was with the blog post that I was crafting during today's run. Maybe it'll come back to me tomorrow....

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