Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Running: Rave Runs

I had a great run tonight - 4 miles around a picturesque lake on the campus of Louisiana State University (I'm in Baton Rouge for a few days on business). I found the route courtesy of the USATF's "America's Running Routes" site. I'm trying to jump start my marathon training, and may try and do it twice tomorrow. This easily goes into my top 5 list. Too bad it's 1,030 miles away from home!

Rounding out the top 5:

Charlottesville Ten Miler course. This is my favorite race, which I've run every year since 1999. It's a challenging course with enthusiastic crowd support on race day, and is a great training run as well.

Piedmont Park in Atlanta. I take a different route through this park every time I go, but it's always good for a workout and people-watching. As with the LSU route, too bad this one's 500 miles away from home.

Emerald Isle, NC. If I'm running at Emerald Isle, it means I'm on vacation, which is enough to put any Emerald Isle run in the top 5.

Reynolda Gardens at Wake Forest University. I enjoyed running through these roads and trails when I was an undergrad, but it wasn't until I was in law school and started timing my daily runs to coincide with those of my future wife (she calls it stalking) that I really fell in love with this route.

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